Mobile Payments, the Internet-of-Everything and Smart Technologies, Compliance and Governance, Sustainability and Climate Change, Renewable Energy, also an advocate and corporate counsel for 20-odd years. Global business network of the highest quality, built on-site.



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    Mobile Payments, the Internet-of-Everything and Smart Technologies, Compliance and Governance, Sustainability and Climate Change, Renewable Energy, also an advocate and corporate counsel for 20-odd years. Global business network of the highest quality, built on-site.


    My toolkit and skills set are made up of knowledge, experience, networks, scars and badges collected over almost three decades as an:

    • Advocate and Corporate Counsel
    • Retail properties developer
    • New media owner
    • International mobile payment suites integrator and owner
    • Compliance/privacy/cyber-security consulting business owner
    • Environmental development incubator founder
    • Co-founder of an integrator of all matters regarding smart technologies, energy management and billing, data and compliance management, and funding of the capacities required for new property developments and retrofitting alike.

    This, along with my personal and business networks spread over all six continents that I have done business on, are the drivers behind my ‘can do’ approach to life.


    The past four years have been truly enriching in terms of both formal studies and own research, in mainly the fields of:

    • Sustainability (Renewable Energy/Climate Change/Mitigation/Urbanisation)
    • Smart Technologies and the Internet of Things
    • Privacy Law and Cyber-security
    • Model Thinking
    • European Business- and Human Rights Law

    More than 30 online courses presented by universities in Europe, the United States of America, and Australia were completed over this period.



    Sustainability and Climate Change



    (University of Illinois)

    Climate Change

    (University of Melbourne)

    Science of Climate Change

    (University of Chicago)

    Sustainability in Practice

    (University of Pennsylvania)

    Sustainability in Action

    (Columbia University)

    Water Supply and Sanitation

    (University of Manchester)

    Climate Change Adaptation - SIDN

    (University of Geneva)

    Analysing Global Trends in Business & Society

    (University of Pennsylvania)




    Global Energy Business

    (University of Colorado Denver)

    Energy Future

    (University College San Diego)

    Energy Environment

    (Pennsylvania State University)


    (Rice University)

    Energy and the Earth

    (University of Wisconsin - Madison)


    Information Technologies & Security


    Information Security and Risk Management

    (University of Washington)

    Information Security Strategies

    (University of Washington)

    Big Data

    (Indiana University Bloomington)

    Content Strategies - Professional

    (Medill School of Journalism)

    E-learning Ecologies

    (University of Illinois)

    Social and Economic Networks

    (Stanford University)

    Social Network Analysis

    (University of Michigan)

    Technologies of Learning

    (University of California San Diego)


    (Ohio State University)

    Model Thinking

    (University of Michigan)




    The European Union and Global Governance

    (European University Institute)

    International Human Rights Law

    (Duke University)

    Public Privacy: Cyber security & human rights

    (Hague Institute for Global Justice)

    Environmental Law and Policy

    (University of North Carolina)

    European Business Law

    (Lund University)

    Surveillance Law

    (Stanford University)

    Google and Privacy

    (Medill School of Journalism)

    Law of the European Union

    (University of Leyden)

    US Law - Introduction

    (University of Florida)




    MobileHub International Ltd

    Co-founding Director 

    Oct 2013 – Present

    The last 4 years have been largely taken up by MobileHub International Ltd, a business which is at the cutting edge of the ecosystem development and implementation required to render a property, development, town or city to be deemed ‘Smart’. We combine the latest technologies from best-of-breed vendors and offer them as a Platform-as-a-Service to project stakeholders, each formatted to individual project or enterprise needs. We have ‘cradle-to-grave’ – capacity, thus our platforms can be used from the initial stages of project planning, through the construction phase, to project completion and hand-over, and then ongoing facility management and maintenance. Particular attention has been given to the so-called ‘Retrofit’- segment, thus taking a smart technology layer to a relatively antiquated property asset and so jacking it up to present-day status.

    Our current cornerstone technologies are Smart Metering(Electricity, water and gas), the bundle of technologies referred to as the Internet of Things(IoT), a Mobile Payments Suite (MPS) and data centre capacities that can support advanced implementations of advanced cyber-security and compliance technologies, Biometrics and Language Processing.



    Jan 2004 – Present

    My exposure to and involvement in compliance matters had some grounding as a legal practitioner, but the real deep-water involvements were as CEO of MoPay International and as such, introducing new technologies into banking and e-commerce ecosystems in many new jurisdictions and regulatory regimes around the world. This involved dealing with many banking associations, central bank CEO's and various regulatory authorities, and required a serious volume of research on an continuous basis.

    This practical involvement served me well when I became involved in the Compliance industry, again with deep research and with an international ambit, and specifically in the segments pertaining to Privacy and Security.


    Why us? ICTCompliance offers our clients the full array of multi-disciplinary professional expertise and cutting-edge technological capacities required to be able to do the transition from a potentially hazardous compliance and governance position, to one of being confident to be able to withstand and manage attempted data and policy breaches, whilst scrutiny by the Regulators and due diligence professionals will not be viewed with uncertainty anymore.

    We are able to coach your management team up comprehensively in terms of the international regulatory environments relevant to your operations and keep them up to date with any developments, and are likewise ready to equip your organisation with the technical capacities to get your organisation into a position of compliance, to maintain that position and also to deal with any attempts to compromise your technical environment.

    We do the above with reference to experience gained over decades spent in the highest echelons of international business, exposure to business practices and cultures on all continents, and from an entrepreneurial perspective. In short, you can expect to be dealing with top professionals, best-of-breed technologies and service providers, in focused processes aimed at attaining measurable results cost-effectively whilst causing minimum disruptions to your day-to-day operations.

    Why now? In South Africa the long-awaited promulgation of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) has now happened and we are only awaiting the effective date. Some provisions are already in effect, so this game-changing piece of legislation has now become a part of our business lives. In Europe and also the USA, fairly tumultuous events and new regulatory arrangements are in process as you read this and anyone hoping to take part in international cross-border business will also come up to compliance assessments before being able to effect such business. In fact, all business with an international component by either the principals or their service providers will from now on have to pay cognisance to privacy laws and the broader compliance requirements.

    Even over and above the regulatory requirements now in play, what with POPI authorising fines of up to R 10 million rand per transgression, consider that it is estimated that cybercrime cost the global economy around 500 billion US dollar in 2012. The impact of cybercrime includes loss of intellectual property and confidential information, reduced trust for online activities, additional costs for security, insurance and recovery, and damage to reputations. A vast number of enterprise closures and job losses are also attributed to it, 508 000 jobs in the US in 2012 alone.

     See more at: http://ictcompliance.co.za. 

    MoPay - Mobile Payments


    Jan 2002 – Present

    Founding CEO - all of it - more of an overseer for the past four years, but about to launch MOPAY 2.0.



    MoPay International Ltd formally commenced operations in 2004, after the previous two years were spent researching and evaluating a variety of the ‘early mover’ options in the then very young mobile commerce and -banking spaces. A roller coaster ride it was for the next seven years, one which took us a number of times around the globe, saw us having one form or another of project involvements in over sixty countries at some stage and experience first-hand many of the highs and lows of the exciting industry this has become.

    MoPay people were instrumental in conceptualising and formatting numerous mobile-centric initiatives around the world, from the light bulb moments through to the User Acceptance Testing processes, and sometimes including the driving of the establishing of the operational ecosystems required. These ecosystem often involved the initial procurement of the participation of the Central Bank of a country, right through to the commissioning of a network of street agents.

    MoPay International today brings to a project a wealth of knowledge, experience and the most valuable of all, an international network of people and technical capacities of the highest order. The big picture perspectives, the crucial street-level project detail, the mentoring and equally crucial brutality of assessments that are sometimes required, this is what MoPay today offers to projects- as opposed to our previous position, which was more one of a technology solution provider.

    We in MoPay firmly believe that the industry is still in a most early stage of development and that the proverbial ‘scratching of the surface’ still has some way to go. We also value the contribution the bank-driven model has made to the development of the industry and with full cognisance of the opportunity costs involved as measured in the demise of many mobile commerce and banking solution providers around the world, but remain equally firm in our belief that the really exciting phases will only commence once the appropriate recognition is given to the opportunities resident in vendor-centric offerings. Read converged service platforms for reservations and transport operators, educational communities operating as ‘cybervillage’, cyber and barter currency administrators, etc.

    Watch this space!

    - See more at: http://mopay.co.za.





    In 2007 EnviroDev formally commenced with assembling the ecosystem of components, networks and general capacities that it is constituted of today. Involvement in a variety of projects and enterprises in North-, Central- and South America, Scandinavia and Europe, the Middle East, various countries in Africa and South East Asia, have served to establish a multi-disciplinary team with a vast reference and research framework, that we have available to be part of the required ecosystems for successful projects and products that could serve to develop our environment.

    We see the fields of alternative energy, specifically the solar and wind segments, and the substrata presented by green building and -cities opportunities as one of our five primary focus areas.

    The second EnviroDev focus area is projects and products aimed at better management of water resources.

    EnviroDev serves as service provider and also sometimes as project principal in the carbon industry, as our third focus area. We establish, advise on, format and certify in carbon projects and also specifically deal with the of spectrum compliance matters therein. This extends to both the carbon credit and taxation spheres, internationally.

    Funding for projects and financing of selected products form the fifth focus area of EnviroDev activities and we assume a variety of roles in our different projects, as dictated by the particular project or product ecosystem. In some instances EnviroDev will make own funding resources available, in others we act as facilitators or project funding managers. In all instances, however, independent accounting functions are installed as part of the project ecosystem and thus all project assessments, reporting and financial processing are dealt with by these independent functions. We have a bias towards mobile technologies in EnviroDev, due to having witnessed first-hand in many instances and on different continents what benefits these mobile technologies can deliver in respect of improved access to information and services by project participants, through from members of a co-operative to fund managers.

    The EnviroDev team has had extensive exposure to the co-operative movement, from establishing the co-operative and providing support services to it through to eventually being a client of a co-operative. We have seen Co-operatives act as vehicles for development in a variety of industries and cultures, as well as world regions - from micro and SME loans in the Caribbean and Africa, travel and tourism co-operatives in Europe, coupons in Scandinavia, to farming and fishing co-operatives in Africa. We believe the co-operative structure to be deserving of prominence and preference as enterprise format in many instances of establishing a project or product which could deliver Development opportunities for our environment. We do believe that energy/water co-operatives, particularly if acting as part of Public Private Partnerships, can serve to optimally assemble the ecosystems required for successful energy projects and the introduction of products (Also combinations of products, solar/wind and water baskets of products) to markets where normally the barriers to entry would be too strong for standalone endeavours or resources. We also see carbon co-operatives as part of this, our fifth, focus area. EnviroDevactively promotes, also through own resources in many instances, use of the co-operative structure in its’ supported projects and have an end-to-end bouquet of capacities available to assist therein.

    Summary - EnviroDev offers its’ multi-disciplinary team and vast international networks, funding capacities and relationships, and a huge body of research and references, to projects and product suppliers that could serve to make a contribution to the Development or otherwise improvement of our environment. We focus on projects and products in the fields of energy, water, carbon management and taxation, also funding for projects and the initial financing of products. We also attempt to introduce the benefits of mobile technologies and co-operative structures to our projects, where at all relevant or applicable - See more at: http://www.envirodev.co.za.



    BRICSAdvisors offer our clients and projects the most comprehensive and complete grid of services and capacities, which are required to effectively and speedily enter into the many opportunities offered by the BRICS initiative.

    The capacities in terms of relationship networks, industry involvements, physical infrastructure and related relationships, intellectual property and management team expertise have been assembled though our direct enterprise and project involvements in over 60 countries over the last twenty years.

    Enterprises, projects and initiatives, large and small, are all able to be accommodated by the BRICSAdvisors approach of tailoring services and support relationships to the specific needs of each client or client ecosystem. Whilst many of the services and capacities are supplied on an in-house basis, many are also sourced from associates and business partners who present the best-of-breed available in their niches.

    BRICSAdvisors is modelled and managed on the basis of our own experiences, obstacles and difficulties that had to be negotiated in doing business in many countries and cultures around the globe. The practicalities of cultural and governance orientation, enterprise and project establishment and the related procurement challenges, are mere examples of the major challenges and requirements BRICSAdvisors assist clients with.

    Our approach is one of presenting a one-stop service and support destination for doing business in BRICS and related countries, specifically in Africa and also Central South America. - See more at: http://bricsadvisors.co.za.

    OmniMo Media Technologies


    Oct 2011 – Present

    OmniMo Media Technology designs, develops and supports media technology stacks for Retailers, retail property owners, premier brand distributors, event managers, media owners and the agencies serving them. OmniMo uses the latest technology tools alongside decades’ worth of expertise in traditional media, new media, retail shopping centre ownership, and mobile technology products and service development to compile a 360-degree view of our clients’ sales and marketing ecosystems.

    The Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine communications, Low Powered Radio Networks and mobile payments systems integrated.



    +27 76 846 3061

    Cape Town, South Africa